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Strato offers a broad set of customized consulting services created by our team of industry specialists all designed to deliver business value.




STRATO's  functional consultants specialize in each of the major SAP modules and can help you map your company’s business processes to SAP’s best practices. Working closely with your business team, we will design and implement a sensible, seamless and sustainable SAP architecture and provide expert administration to manage it. Our team includes consultants who have experience in handling implementation and support project for customers covering most of the SAP core modules as well as the majority of SAP’s New Dimension products.


Mobile App


STRATO has developed several Cloud Based Mobile Business Applications  to assist customers on their Digitization/Digitalization journeys. Products include STRATOPOD, a mobile business application facilitating paperless delivery and Proof of Delivery operations, STRATOWM, a WIFI/Wireless Mobile Technology based Warehouse Management application, and STRATOOB,  a Mobile and Web based customer/Rep Order capture/enquiry application.

In addition, STRATO offers custom build App development for customers wanting to address a unique or specific need.


Skills &


At Strato we have the resources with the skills to provide IT  solutions from inception to completion.

From large enterprise solutions to mobile applications our team will assist with gathering of requirements, analysis, project management, development, testing and implementation.

Technically our skills range from database design to programming using the latest technology available.


Project Management (PMO)

STRATO Project Teams offers two levels of Project Management depending on the level of autonomy you desire.

  • Shadow Management: You manage your own project while allowing STRATO to provide shadow oversight to ensure your project stays on-schedule and on-budget.

  • Turn-Key Project Management: STRATO provides complete Project Management and oversight. Our Project Managers typically have 10+ years of Project Management experience, as well as a wealth of industry experience, and are adept in managing timelines and budgets.

Quality Assurance (QA)

STRATO provides SAP project oversight and governance to add additional control over your projects through each stage of the product lifecycle.


End User


End User Training is on-going during the life cycle of all Business System implementations. Training material needs to incorporate your company’s own data and examples to make it more relevant and effective.

STRATO will plan, develop, and deliver such training material depending on your company’s needs and requirements.

Our training services include:

Training Programme Design & Coordination

  • End User Training Strategy

  • Documentation Strategy

  • End User Training Needs Analysis

  • Training Project Management

  • Training Coordination and Scheduling

 End User Training & Documentation Development

  • Presentations

  • Course manuals

  • User training manuals

  • Work Instructions

  • Exercises

Training Delivery & Support

  • End User Training Delivery

  • Train-the-Trainer

  • Super User Training

  • Coaching & Mentoring

Services & Consulting
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