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Our new mobile warehouse management system (STRATOWM) is a modular, task-oriented software platform for warehouse management and material flow. It provides you with the precise functionality you need to optimize your warehouse operations. By embracing human-centered design, it embeds intelligence in the operation and synchronizes the performance of your automated and manual warehouse equipment and human resources in the best possible way to boost your warehouse performance and stock management. Embrace the era of digitalization and stay ahead of your competition.


Introducing the latest in mobile technology. The Strato team have created the ultimate delivery documentation solution.

The STRATOPOD solution improves your delivery documentation cycle by capturing delivery data directly from drivers.
The innovative digitising of all delivery documentation by sending or uploading it to all relevant parties.


Recognizing the advantage that mobile technology  offers for enhancing and streamlining business operations, STRATO mobile applications offer  solutions that speed up processes with increasing accuracy and quality.  The STRATO mobile applications development team has extensive experience and are continuously researching the latest technology and tools and upskilling, ensuring that our MOBILE Business Applications are delivered in a fraction of the time taken to deliver traditional business systems solutions while maintaining optimum performance and security.


Mobile Apps

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